Imagine if the Oceans were filled with Soup

Imagine if the Oceans were filled with soup.
If Lakes and Rivers were made from cranberry juice.
If planes and cars were fueled by coffee.
And in order to live, we put gasoline in our body!
Imagine electricity works on apple pies
and everyone’s pillow was made from french fries.
Socks were marshmallows and shoes were potatoes;
flowers were donuts and clouds were tomatoes.
Every day would be like a dream.
You could brush your teeth with ice cream!
You could wash your hands with orange juice
Bathe in milk while reading Dr. Seuss.
You can dance in the rain and be care free
but instead of water it was pouring iced tea!
Monkeys could talk and tell time with clocks.
Horses can sing and they even have wings!
They can fly through the sky across the whole planet
and all the world’s trees were made from pomegranates!

Imagine a world where you can’t imagine…
It would be a world completely abandoned.

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