Imagine if the Oceans were filled with Soup

Imagine if the Oceans were filled with soup.
If Lakes and Rivers were made from cranberry juice.
If planes and cars were fueled by coffee.
And in order to live, we put gasoline in our body!
Imagine electricity works on apple pies
and everyone’s pillow was made from french fries.
Socks were marshmallows and shoes were potatoes;
flowers were donuts and clouds were tomatoes.
Every day would be like a dream.
You could brush your teeth with ice cream!
You could wash your hands with orange juice
Bathe in milk while reading Dr. Seuss.
You can dance in the rain and be care free
but instead of water it was pouring iced tea!
Monkeys could talk and tell time with clocks.
Horses can sing and they even have wings!
They can fly through the sky across the whole planet
and all the world’s trees were made from pomegranates!

Imagine a world where you can’t imagine…
It would be a world completely abandoned.

Pepper’s Dream

Pepper the Pink Eared Duck had a dream,
That her friend Sally the Swan was swimming upstream.
Along came Harry, a hawk from the trees.
He’s allergic to bees and started to sneeze.
He scared Sally who then dove underwater!
Which confused Oden the friendly Otter.
He kicked over the branch but it fell on Bob’s beak.
Bob is a bird and he let out a shriek!
A shriek so loud he woke Hansen the bear.
Who popped up his head up from this quick little scare.
“Holy frijole the bear is awake!”
Ginger the Deer jumped up in a shake.
She ran by the stream to avoid any trouble
and kicked over some rocks and splashed making bubbles.
A school of fish decided to play!
They swam off screaming to their teacher’s dismay.
The fish in their hurtle spooked Joshie the turtle.
He was drinking some tea; a tasty lemon herbal.

Poor Joshie was sad. He spilled his tea.
He blamed the loud fish in the sea.
They blamed the Deer who was running wild and free.
And she blamed the bear who was scary and beastly.
Then he blamed the bird for his really loud scream.
The bird blamed the Otter and said “he scared me”
But the Otter replied, “blame the Hawk in the trees.”
But the Hawk in the trees said to blame to bees.
And the bees blamed the swan for swimming upstream.
And the swan said don’t worry, this was all just Pepper’s dream.